The Cheesecakerie

Where life is too short not to eat dessert first…


Life’s too short not to eat dessert first…

I can tell you exactly when my obsession with cheesecake began… I was 16 years old. My step-mother made the most delectible thing I’d ever eaten. It was light and creamy, rich and delicious with a buttery shortbread crust. That officially became my favourite cake — of all time.

A couple of years later, homesick and stressed over final exams while at university, my parents sent me a chocolate cheesecake for my birthday. Baked at home and Fed-Exed to my dorm. A piece of home — straight to the waistline — to get me through. It was heavy as a brick but kept me sane through the late night study sessions and boyfriend breakdowns.

Fast forward to today. Still obsessed with cheesecake, but now making my own. Seeking the ultimate cheesecake…

All the recipes on this site have been tried in my own kitchen. And they are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 cupcakes — 5 being the best. Please note that this is rated only on my own perceptions of the recipe. I like creamy cheesecakes, not too heavy, with a great flavour profile. Keeep that in mind. You may LOVE a recipe that I really didn’t care for.

If there are recipes you would like me to try, or if you have the BEST cheesecake recipe EVER that you’d like to send along, please send me an email at Send me a note — I’d love to hear from you!



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